Positive Thinking Helps Us Survive

Posted: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , ,

Having a positive attitude will reflect the beauty that shines in you. People will be drawn and be mesmerized by the good vibes and aura you emit. I heard stories about certain people who keep on resisting and fighting back different odds in life, as they almost always attain the impossible.

Surviving a terminal sickness or rising up to an almost bankrupt company and fighting the chances of breakdown and death are among the qualities of people with such strong will. People who beat the odds and triumphantly lived through it are no super humans; they lived among us ordinary citizens only with positive attitudes and traits that help them get through the rough times.

Just recently, my aunt died of terminal cancer. I remember that whenever I visited her in her sick bed, I can feel that she is really fighting for her life. Ever since she got sick, everything went down on her. She still got the nerve to smile in her death bed, and I can feel that she likes to indulge in a conversation with me but not talking about her sickness. I really admire her for that attitude. I know that having cancer is not that easy.

Having a positive philosophy in life will give yourself full direction and understanding of life and its meaning as well as those people around you. Positive attitude comes from within; it may also come from the people around you, your family, your loved ones, friends, relatives or other people who you can rely on for help and support. Relying to people with positive attitude helps you to get through the night and wake up triumphantly the next morning.
The important aspect here is never do it alone. Positive thinking recommends that you surround yourself in an environment of positiveness that emanates from within. The positivity each person spill is like a harmony that invites goodness from the receiver.

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