The Pleasure of Traveling

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Traveling is a privilege not so many people enjoy. I remember watching Lonely Planet on Discovery Channel and wish that I was really there traveling along hopping continent after continent. I read somewhere that a person who does not travel is like a person reading a wonderful book with only one page on it. How I wish I could travel a lot seeing the world unguarded, be mesmerized by its flaw and stunned by its perfection.

I have reached as far as India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia—mostly neighboring Asian countries, and would dream on traveling Europe during my lifetime. My first choice would be to travel to London along with my family I would like to see how my kid’s eyes would bulge as mesmerized by the sight we can only dreamt of. Stay maybe in a hotel and experience the amenities of European vacation.

The Royalties and the Monarchical worlds always fascinate me. From experience travelling in a strange place away from home are much enjoyable if you have a wonderful place to stay. A hotel that caters all your traveling requirements especially if you are with your family as the kids requires special needs away from home.

Another thing is the entertainment, of course you did not travel hundred of miles away from home only to rot inside a hotel room, didn’t you? Edinburgh hotels in UK mostly provide cheap but quality service. They have a wonderful view of the Harbour and the river which is breathtaking enough. Rates vary from 25 to 75 GBP.

I know not many people have the privilege to travel and see the world, but if you do even if its work related, take the time to tag along your family, especially the kids. That is the most wonderful thing you can impart in their memory. Being a part of their most enjoyable travel is something they would treasure until they grow old. I hope I can do that sooner; I would love to play hero to my kids.

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