One Night of Poetry Reading and Spoken Words for the Benefit of the Typhoon Victims

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What is happening today in the Philippines is indescribable and beyond words. Two strong typhoons ravaged and wreck havoc among the people and killed hundreds of Manila residents and its nearby area. By this time you all probably seen on videos and news footages the destruction that Mother Nature brought to hapless victims by way of flood due to continuous rainfall that should have been for a month’s pour comes in merely a day.

Filipinos with the help of fellow Filipinos and the citizens of the world are scampering for ways to help and abate the destruction if not lessen the wound inflicted in the otherwise drowning situation. These trying times once again serves as a litmus paper to test the ability of fellow human being regardless of citizenship to extend help whatever assistance they can give.

In our own little way, as writers, musicians and artists gathered up our voices in a night of solidarity and sympathy and aired our emotions through poetry reading. There is not enough words to contain the anguish and torment the victims had felt during the drowning moment of the typhoon, however, still there remains voice of solidarity and conscience to let the world know that people still cares.

Cheap Flat TV at home

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Few people know this, but recently i was quite astounded to the fact that you can have a flat TV (22 inches) in half the price of the real top of the line electronic brand in the market today.
If you are familiar with CD-R-King, dubbed as the cheapest shop for all your computer needs (well, not really all) they have those stand alone router look-a-like they called TV box. Cheaply-priced at around 2,000 plus pesos.
The TV box has many features in it. A Taiwan manufactured tuner that has an outlet for your TV antenna or cable connection, plug-in for stereo, PS2 connector, VGA outlet to connect to a monitor and a remote control.
All you have to do is to connect it to your computer monitor, if you have a flat LCD monitor, the better, however if you don’t want to use your computer monitor—you can buy one for 4,000 pesos to 10,000 depending on your budget.

The Globe Broadband Ordeal

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This is a copy of the letter I sent to the Globe Broadband Executive in hoping to resolve the worsening situation of my internet connection. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my appeal will be heard.
This letter is in reference to my on-going complaint and request for your office to have a technical team to come to my house and install an external antenna to enhance my wireless broadband connection.
Last March 31, I approached the Globe Business Center office located at Calamba Laguna for the request to transfer my Broadband connection from my old rented house. The new location is less than a kilometer away from the previous one and I have already provided along with my application form a sketch how to locate my place. Also, I have given them (the business center) my Cell Phone number to contact me in case there is a problem.
The guy at the business center (I forgot his name) instructed me as he go on verifying my submitted application form that it will take at least 7 to 10 days before I will have an internet connection and for their technical team to come into my house and install the antenna. Ok so I waited.
The first Follow-up (April 6)
After 7 days, I called up the customer hotline (029198888) to follow up on the installation and the connection. I spoke to an operator, but to my surprise she had no record of my request of transfer of location, and immediately asked me all the details of it including the location of the business center did I happen to transact with, and so I obliged. The operator learned that the Calamba Globe Business Center did not do their job of dispatching my request for transfer as the 7 days had past prior to the follow up I made. It is only during that day that my request for transfer had its first movement after 7 days of being stagnant. The operator assured me that it will take 3 to 5 days to have my connection be active again.

ShopWiki: a Hodgepodge in Online Shopping Networks

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The internet is full of information that browsing them everyday seems like endless. It is like when you are thirsty; holding an empty glass in your hand and right there in front of you is a gush of an open fire hydrant. However, when it comes to shopping online there are few reliable sources and sites that can be trusted. Who would ever want their hard earned money disappear into oblivion when shopping online? Of course nobody wants that. Then came along ShopWiki.

The good thing with
ShopWiki is it is like a big shopping place where different stores can be found inside. Recently our family needs an additional computer; the kids in their school requirements needs to finish almost every projects and papers all at the same time and you know how it is like when they breathe in the back of your neck demanding their turn to pound the keyboard. 

This is where ShopWiki helps a lot. Browsing on their Laptop and computers buying guide helps us to choose what is best and suitable for our budget. Their computer monitors buying guide gives me an idea where to shop and the price range of a good and latest monitor to replace the old one.

I am thinking of buying a
new printer for the kids because the printer I have right now is being used for my desktop publishing business and I don’t want to have any problem with my printer when I share it with the kid’s school work.

I’m always glad there’s
ShopWiki online, a reliable hodgepodge and directory of online shopping networks. Best of all their information is sufficient enough for you to decide how to make the best out of your limited budget.

Borders UK - The Intelligent Alternative

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Book lovers around the world will find borders UK an exhilarating venue where they can find lots of awesome books for the taking. They have the latest and the greatest collection of books, text books, audio books, books about travelguides, magazine subscriptions, music, and gift cards as well as DVD collection of rare and classic films through time.

Ordering is a breeze as they don’t charge shipping fee on all orders above £15, which is good news to those who find their shopping basket full of books—as the site offers vast amount of titles from fiction to non-fiction paperbacks.

I have come across their book of the month titled Darwin’s Island by Steve Jones, another witty and illuminating book about the man and his works that until now pose controversy among the believers and the students alike. Border UK also have in it’s shelve a book version of Slum dog millionaire, the award winning movie now on book. Check out their
borders jan 2009 collection and book of the month and their reviews of best selling paperbacks for details.

In this world of technological advances, where book reading are substituted by numerous innovation in life such as the internet and the movies—flipping papers through book reading remains steady in its quest for giving off entertaining and intelligent options for the people around the globe. And this pursuit to bring back the intelligent habit of book reading to the public is one of the noble deeds Border UK carry on its shoulders.