Search engine on a more personalized level

Posted: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , ,

" Search engine is the vanguard of the Internet. Browsing is such a breeze with this kind of tool, type in a word and click—voila! The whole wide window of the world outside awaits you. Internet information is like an open fire hydrant with its massive overflow of water while you just stand on its side, thirsty and holding an empty drinking glass. Changes within the World Wide Web drops in almost every second--software come and go thereby making way for a lot of improvements, spawning versions greater than its predecessors.

But sometimes we could only wish Internet tools would delve on a much personal level. - A Great Place for Search approaches search engine improvements in a much personalized level. It is a search engine all right but it is more focused on people. You can search for the people you are looking for by “tag” at

A narrow down search consisting of personal attributes of the people you are looking for adds a great improvement and fun for searching. Hair color, skin complexion, height, disabilities, achievements etc. you can search using that. These tags were created by the people who entered the information in’s data base. And you can enter your own info too in fact you can be a member of This search engine is not only informative it is interactive as well; they have messaging capabilities to offer.

I’ve tried typing Jimi Hendrix on their site and this is what I’ve got: on the top of the list is of course the infamous and legendary left-handed guitarist known to mankind (my favourite too) and the other entries are information regarding different people of the same name including their pictures, achievements etc. One thing with this search engine—you don’t have to be famous to land a page. Go on search, don’t you miss your high school sweetheart? He might be in

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