Be happy…Don’t Worry!

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , ,

It’s our choice if we want to be happy or stay as lonely as ever. Happiness is a mode of traveling; it is not a destination. Our happiness or unhappiness is mainly not because of what happens, but on how we look at what will happen in a certain situation. In other words, it is through our thinking habits, and depending on what we think and how we think about it, habits can be changed as well.

We can set our minds to interpret hindrances to become positive opportunities. We may be able to develop a skill slowly, one word or one phrase at a time. Like for instance, we can get rid of the words “I failed…” from our vocabulary, and we may replace it with “I learned…” so that we may be able to concentrate more on the positive lessons involved around it. Also instead of saying the word “problem” always, we should get used to the habit of saying “challenge”, “I’m getting better at…” instead of “I’m no good at…”, and “I will be glad to” rather than “I will have to”.

The subconscious effect of changing a few words will be able to tell your mind to think more creatively in a positive manner rather than getting away from the problem on hand.

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