Enjoying your Vacation with your Dogs

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Bringing your pets on your vacation is a home away from home escape, especially if you have your most loved dog with you. If it is your first time to travel with your pet, here are a few simple guidelines on how to go about enjoying the company with your dogs in your much well-deserved vacation.

You would be likely to stay in places like hotels like the affordable hotel in Davao City, inns, and even in camps. There are pet-friendly hotels and they really allow pets to stay in their hotels. In fact, they allow more than one pet. Some hotels even give special dog beds as part of their accommodations. Dog spa services, day care for doggies, among other amenities are also offered. Many such hotels charge a fee; I suggest you do some research about hotels that are friendly to pets.

Not all country inns are fit for dogs, but there are some that offer such treats. You should know how to plan a trip before finalizing your travel plans. There are vacation spots that are dog-friendly; finding one that is suitable for your needs would be a start.

Camping is the best way to spend more time together with your dog while at the same time connecting with nature. Your stay in the campsite will benefit both of you, the owner and the dog, but be aware on the kind of dog that you have. There are breed of dogs that are naturally inclined to have fun outdoors, such as the hunting dogs and the like. Before bringing your dog in the campsite, better ask around first if they allow dogs.

Preparedness in case of an urgent situation is a must. Take note of the list of veterinarians and hospitals for animals in the area where you will be staying. At least, when your dog shows some signs of an illness, it may very well save your dog’s life in the end.

Here is a suggested list that may serve as a guide to you for your dog while you are packing: dog food, dog toys, leash, crate, kennel, water and bowl, first aid kit, bags for dog’s waste, among many others.

Now, be safe and enjoy the trip with your dog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi kuya Rom,
    very interesting iyong mga posted articles niyo dito. educational at entertaining. If I'm not busy I'll try to visit this site often para mabasa ang inyong mga articles. pero nagustuhan ko ung book launching ni Ricky Lee.