I have stumbled upon very disturbing news on the internet. Of course there’s so much fuss about the war in Iraq recently especially after the 9/11 incident, but the picture isn’t that complete yet. Michael Moore in his Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary would have said too much, but not too long.

The truth will always come out. So they say. America after Vietnam suffered a massive brain damage, and from that cranial hemorrhage come a very painful lesson in aggression. America learns how to hide his dirt under the carpet right at the very nose of its citizenry. Modernization in military does not only deal with weaponry, but in tactics as well. The military knows so well that citizen’s awareness of their Iraqi people carnage would lead the government to fall flat on his face and eventually funnel them to crucifixion.

On the other hand the fourth estate such as the media played a fundamental role in this game. Hiding the truth within the earshot of the Americans in this modern age is quite a feat, and indeed the media as being handled mostly by transnational-thinking bigots succeeded in gagging the truth. Americans and the world have found Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as newsworthy as millions of Iraqi people being butchered everyday. People currently are slowly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as they forgot to ask Mr. George Bush the question: “where is the weapon of mass destruction? Have you found it?”

Watch This Video, it may not offer you entertainment, but sometimes poking our sensibilities for a while makes us to think and have a reality check. Verify if you still can feel compassion, confirm if you have the ability to feel anger and pain, make sure to see if you are still human capable of loving and caring.

If the media today are not doing what they are supposed to do, maybe blogging should pose as a fifth estate, after all awareness and compassion should always stem from the grassroots level. Tell me what you think, people.

Video courtesy of The Real News Network