Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn

Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , , ,

In this world, there are lots of interruptions so that you may be able to listen properly. It is better that you focus totally and pay your utmost attention on the speaker itself. As I was teaching my kid on the importance of listening, I think it is the most ignored and neglected upon by most people in all aspects of communication.

Some tips are worth considering that will help you focus while listening.

A deep breath is encouraged. This will stop you from butting in the conversation, and it will supply your brain with such stimulating oxygen. You may like to try it now. And notice that as you are doing it, try to talk. It is not very encouraging to speak, am I right?

Rephrase what the speaker is saying mentally. This process will avert your daydreaming on other unrelated topics. You will be able to focus on the speaker rather than on yourself.

Eye contact is encouraged with the speaker. It is important that you should remain in contact to the speaker through eye contact. It follows that your ears will follow as your eyes focus to the speaker. It will happen that you will listen always to the speaker if your eyes are directed towards him.

Pay attention to listen at all times. It doesn’t matter whom you are speaking with. I think it is better to always pay attention and you will find out something useful or appealing from the conversation. You might learn something without any intention of doing so.

I just hope these suggested tips will be of use to you. Always remember that an untrained listener will understand and retain only half of the content of the conversation after it is finished. And this retention rate will even go down after many days. And it is not a wonder that people argue about what’s been discussed.

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