Strange Moonlight Over Los Banos

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This photos was taken by Mauren, my daughter during the full moon April 21, 2008 at Los Banos Laguna. There’s a mysterious and strange image shown after a few shots. What was the usual expected round shape of the full moon appears a weird “optical” illusion of an image evocative of some peculiar things about to transpire.

Full moon is believed to be mysterious since time on. Ceremonies traditional or otherwise were marked in the calendar falling under the rise of the Full Moon—Philippine Weddings arranged during this lunar cycle are believed to be prosperous and abounding with wealth.

On the contrary, some believed that most people are likely to become temperament, eccentric, and out of the usual during this lunar event as the word “lunacy” got its meaning. There is a scientific proof to that. Lunar activity especially full moon affects the earth’s gravity thus the High and Low tide of the seas. The Human body is composed of 80% water that’s why during full moon human body’s water got affected too.

Also during this phase wherein the moon is fully illuminated by the sun, fishes on the ocean are scarce. Fisherman find it hard to catch fish as fishes are viciously attracted by light—having it in full abundance through the sea makes the fishes go wild scattering the huge blue waters enjoying the moonlight.

Endless myths are associated by this nearest star on our planet—monsters, goblins, vampires, werewolves, aswang, kapre and a whole lot of folklore monsters that our grandparents used to tell us after dinner where the atmosphere is conducive to ghost story telling while huddling close together in a semi-lit terrace beside the rustling leaves of a big acacia tree.

I only got one happy memory during full moon—I remember playing hide and seek when I was young under the moonlight, a perfect time to run around making the half dark night your ally in hiding. I’m glad I got to enjoy playing under the moonlight when I was young, as the children of this generation have only computer games to their compensation of enjoyment.

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