How Brian Gorell gave blogging a new meaning

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With the recent ruckus going on in the blogosphere about the blog of Brian Gorell, people especially in this part of the world (Philippines) are going frantic—some are sympathetic others are stupefied and horrified by the way things are going. As Brian unfolds events by events his expose on the lifestyle of the so-called rich and famous of the Manila Socialite, more dirty laundry are being wash in full view of the cyber community.

To those who didn’t know, Brian Gorell is an Australian Gay who made the recent newscast via his infamous relationship with the Manila socialite DJ Montano who in turn duped him of his life’s savings to the tune of $70,000. It is just another sobbing sick story of a gay relationship that went haywire; as the nation gripped in crisis over the shortage of rice and fuel price increase, Brian and DJ love and hate story is just another brick in the wall—but not this time.

You see, Brian’s blog talks about DJ and the rest of the Gucci Gang, demystifying the otherwise dream of many Filipinos imitating the life of the rich and famous. Brian’s blog talks about cocaine addiction in the “alta sosyedad” being perpetrated by those people with silver spoon on their ass…I mean mouth. It also talks about how those dirty scoundrels in the personification of politicians and their families amass wealth and influenced people in the Government.

What does make Brian’s blog so famous? Well one thing is certain, the element of a telenovela is clearly present—the blow by blow account of how he swab, wash, rinse, and scrub dirty laundries in full bubbly soapy tub with the help of national TV news via the interviews of local media.

I too had once in my life a brush on those people belonging to the higher society—and I tell you that is the most dangerous and disgusting part of my life, the deception, lies upon lies, back stabbing, drug addiction, sexual marauding that you would think only in of movies can happen is incarnated in the flesh of those rich people.

Many people can identify and sympathizes with Brian being an HIV infected person; he caught the attention as many relates to his revelations. People he mentioned in his blog are so ubiquitous in the lifestyle pages of every broadsheet and fashion magazine of this God-forsaken land. Their faces splashed on every page including top corporate adverts and entertainment updates; they also belong to the clan of politicians and tycoons of this country—as such they are being the subject of envy and admiration among youth (such a sick thing to revere).

Lastly Brian’s blog is an eye opener to many. Blogging in this day and age reached a level where journalism hasn’t drifted on yet—at least not now. Blogging proves it has power and not just ordinary power it stirs, staunch, and give voice to those otherwise being subdued and muffled by the system.

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