Our Little House in the Suburbs

Posted: Monday, April 28, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , , ,

We just transferred to our new house here in Laguna, away from the pollution of the big city of Metro Manila. And even if we do not own our new abode, it is certainly a nice and refreshing feeling of all of us being together under one roof that is, including the 2 smallest members of the house. Of course, that will be Peachy, the dog and Matee, the cat, I am referring to.

We are getting the hang of our new house; every corner seems to fit our lifestyle. Even the surrounding garden outside is also revitalizing. We were like little kids running around the yard and the small garden. I really admire nowadays the beauty of the earth because of this small garden that we have, and I reflect now that we should really do something about Mother Earth.

In our own special way, we may start by segregating our trash. To tell you honestly, we do not segregate our trash before. But when we transferred here in our new house, we came to learn more about segregating the biodegradable to non-biodegradable—the leftover food we put in a small trash bag, and the bottles, papers and other materials we put in another trash bag. We do the trash segregation everyday, so as not to attract the cockroaches and rats in breeding in our area. Even the kids learned about segregating trash; well, they came to learn it also in their own school in the past years or so, so I think this is not such a new thing for them at all.

I think this is a good procedure to follow, and come to think of it, even if it is just a small deed, at least we are doing something for Mother Earth in our own small, special way. What do you think?

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