What Logical being are you?

Posted: Thursday, March 20, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , , , ,

“We are living in a dangerous world”

We always hear that idiom, and people can’t agree more as the world around us slowly turns into a maddening circus of death and survival. If the speeding traffic can’t kill you the pollution probably will. If the cholesterol will not give you a heart attack, the formalin in your vegetables probably will. If the urban living and work stress can’t kill you, the starvation in being jobless probably will.

Endless cycle of human strife amidst the milieu of disintegrating ecological situation faces the new generation with an uncertain future. The situation is so enormous that if you stop and think about it there is no way to go on again. All of these things I think were rooted in a simple logical explanation of how people think and act when confronted with such simple problems in everyday living.

Take for example the customs and beliefs people were born into. The religions we get used to slaves most of us in believing and not believing things. Religions that should have brings us close to the creator is somewhat pushes us away further with their doctrines. We may ignore little things like the “signing of the cross” as we came by the church but did you ask yourself what is it all about? What’s the true meaning of the sign of the cross? What about the religious icons and statues? Did we ever stop and think why we as a devout should kneel down on a handmade wooden/stone/steel/plastic statue?

Logical thinking is all it takes for us to be free from these century old slavery that eventually prevents us from thinking liberally and practice a guilt-free life. Logical thinking also allows us to examine our life without the blindfold, thereby making decisions based on truth—and that’s very important, living in truth. I don’t care if I live as a pauper wearing rags and eating with my bare hands as long as I live in honesty.

Let’s start asking questions now and never give up until we find the real truth behind these things that enslaved us for so many years. It doesn’t matter if we can’t find the answer to our question in this lifetime but the mere fact that we are asking logical questions is enough courage to step on the brake and wakes up us from deep slumber.

I will leave you with a simple logical question that you alone can answer and seek the truth: Is my religion today a true religion? If yes, does it make its members true children of God? Or its members include those people from the Government who amassed themselves with the wealth of the nation? If you proved your religion to be illogical then you know the logical thing to do.

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