Logical thinking can save your ass!

Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , , ,

Logical thinking is a very important skill that has to be honed and taught in a compulsory manner to everyone. There are many everyday life situations that require the ability to think logically, situations which require sound judgment and common sense.

Basically logical thinking means saving one’s life, as a pedestrian in traffic infested urban streets life literally depends on how a person thinks and understands that a big truck is approaching fast, so he should not cross the streets otherwise his brain will be splattered all over the gutter if he insists so.

Thinking in terms of causes and consequences is the root of logical thinking, it does not require you of great mathematical geniuses, or great proportion of calculations to be able to think logically—common sense is all that matters.

Logical thinking or following a train of thoughts is somewhat maybe likened to predicting the future,

I will do this, therefore if this will works, this thing will eventually happens, and also may lead to this and that.”

It is thinking in advance, thinking about the future, but not to the point of becoming a fortune teller, that’s entirely a different thing there. Actions manifested by logical thinking are based on the interpretations of existing and prevailing conditions and predicting in advance if the same occurrence and happenings continue to dominates...

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