Effective Time Management to Fit your Needs

Posted: Friday, March 21, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , ,

Time is considered very important especially for busy people like us. It is nature’s greatest “force”, so to speak. We cannot stop it. Nobody can change it as well. And it cannot be seen. As such, time has the most effect on all of us.

Thus, to maximize our time, we have to learn how to take control of our time. Time is constant. It is us and our time awareness that changes. Remember if we focus on the time, it really slows down.

On the contrary, it speeds up if focus is not built around it. We should see time as a manageable commodity, so that we will be responsible for our time and control it eventually. Successful people carry that secret of how to handle time effectively. They work on time as though they can shape it with ease and control.

“Which should we concentrate on first, efficiency or effectiveness?”

The best answer to that question is to improve your effectiveness. For example, I am a salesperson. I can sell effectively and will get more sales right? In this way, it gives me time to work on my efficiency in my work. It is right and correct to look at your goals ahead, meaning the end-result rather than worry too much about the step-by-step procedure of the whole process. Most of the time if I do the latter, I end up doing nothing at all and lose sight of my goal eventually.

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. Efficiency will get you from one point to the other end point by using a straight line. No zig and no zags, thus avoiding inefficiency. Effectiveness is just simply doing the right things that will produce good results in the end.