Junk Closet No More

Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , , ,

We need to regularly clean out our closet. When you try to look for something and cannot seem to find it, you know it’s cleaning time. There is always a better way to do this. Pouring out, rummaging around the entire closet’s content is one way but always the best.

You will be surprised to find out that majority of your closet’s content were trash, and the need to throw it away is inevitable. Organizing and categorizing each item is somewhat a reflection of our life. Rummages happen almost always at some point of our existence.

It is better to categorize the items and put them in a place where it should belong. Replacing old ones and throwing away unused items might be the option. Sorting through the left over junks and grouping them together is an ideal thing to do. Little piles need to be in groups, and as I go through with it, double checking is needed so that no important item is missed out.

There are inexpensive drawer dividers sold at the stores that you can make use of. It may help organize more the closet. Different sizes may fit well too.

Better put labels or picture labels or just simple words to remind you or other members of the household on where to place the junk. Decide on the best place to put each of the small piles. When the compartments are properly labeled and all the items are placed neatly in their own places, it’s done.

Now we can safely say that we really made use of our time in cleaning and organizing our junk closet. Closet, whether junk or not, is a reflection of our inner being and the clothes inside it reflects our personality. So what would it be? When will our lives be a junk closet no more?

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