I've met the tallest man in India

Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , , ,

It was more than a year ago when I decided to work in India for animation job. During spare time I and fellow Filipinos would roam the place in Hyderabad to look for something “rare” and exciting. There in Shilparamam, a flea market and museum in one we found this tall man. I forgot his name as any Indian sounding name proves hard to pronounce for me. This gentle giant is almost 8 feet tall, you can see the size comparison to me, I’m the one in extreme right wearing black shirt and my height is only 5’7”.

He’s kind of slow in his movement—seems he’s sick or something. I saw his toe (as I look down getting stiff neck looking up to him) is swelling, an injury maybe. As of many giants, his voice is as big as his stature, but gentle in manners. Nothing is so amazing about this guy but the fact that he’s taller than we are almost twice our size is amazing enough. You don’t get to see these kinds of human so often since David slew Goliath.

We posed for pictures and solicit autograph of him as we handed small amount for donation. Quite an interesting experience in a neighbouring country where a culture varies but not hinders. More of this as I dig up those photo vault of mine during those times.

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