Dog eats Dog--a Philippine scenario

Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , , , , , ,

I’ve been observing recently the political turn around of my country. I am no political analyst, nor have any political inclination whatsoever; but what is happening requires a no-brainer. Corruption indeed is swallowing and gripping the nation. Recent exposé sees to it that those in power are the ones who are suffering from the malignant case of gluttony, and those who have the nerve to expose and accuse them? Well, sad to say, they are just as equally as red-handed than the accused.

The 1970s shows how the students and the young professionals marched the streets of Manila to fight for human rights and sovereignty. Civil rights were being trampled upon by the dictatorship and extra judicial killings abound. It’s called the FQS or the First Quarter Storm. Idealism among the youth was burning, life in the service of the masses, arm struggle, the proletarian leadership, and dialectical materialism. These and all plus the main component of a victorious struggle against the reactionary Government—the awakening of the masses.

That is what this present struggle is in short of. A fuel without fire is a dead fuel. Jun Lozada might be the whistle blower but does he have the credibility to point fingers when he himself had his pocket full of loot? Does Joey de Venecia have the nerve to cry out “foul” if the NBN-ZTE deal had been awarded to him?

Now these clowns you see on primetime news are all the same rotten eggs fighting over millions of dollars of greed money. Dressing in disguise shouting for the truth to be divulge, when in fact they share the same filthy hands as the accused. The sad part is they are instigating the masses to move and dance to their tune, using the media and church to influence the sentiments of the down trodden poor Filipinos.

Where do we go from here? Let’s not allow them to deceive us again. The only thing we the masses have right now is our dignity, courage and the love for the country—if we ever let them trick us in diverting our strength to their advantage, I pity the poor.

Sure, rage against the greedy politicians is inevitable but let us put these rage in proper forum. If we think that the foundation of this house is infested with termites, please don’t believe the ants when they come to you and say “Hey, I understand you and totally sympathize with you.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well said, but if you put yourself into JL shoes it's not that easy to tell lies in front of senators, in public and in nationwide tv. just wish he's telling the truth.

    julie p.