What Fascinates You?

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I tried to look up a word in Webster’s Dictionary and here’s what I’ve got:

Fascination according to Webster:

Main Entry: fas·ci·na·tion Listen to the pronunciation of fascination

Pronunciation: \ˌfa-sə-ˈnā-shən\

1 a: the quality or power of fascinating: something fascinating

2: the state of being fascinated : the state of feeling an intense interest in something

Not much of a meaning huh?

Webster’s definition may not mean anything substantial but the word Fascination still clings to my mind like a gooey slimy green thing whenever I came across something or anything that assaults my senses. The Feeling of fascination moves me to do something related with the sentiment that I feel. The reaction would be negative or positive but at times it’s nostalgic.

So I tried to list down a few things that in this modern day and age still fascinate me, inspire me, illicit a few laughs, stir me up, or bring me down. It may be mundane things, forgotten ideas or stupendous sight. Whatever it is sure it will help a lot of people appreciate little things in life that we need to be thankful for. Here it goes…

Computers – Ever wonder what ever happened to your deleted files? Where did they go if you deleted 10mb from your desktop’s trash bin? Your computer is slowing down, and the next best thing to do is to delete unwanted files that are stored in your computer. After deleting, the computer is up again performing well. It is logical to think that unwanted files took space in your computer and anything that occupies space and has weight is called Matter right? After hitting the delete button where did it go? Is it floating in the air? Are we surrounded by unseen deleted files that we never knew of? Virus!

Cars – I’ve been fascinated by this thing since I was a kid and it sure does until currently when Honda launches VCM 643. Haven’t you notice everyday we travel riding a Car or a Bus that some “strange” thing going on? I was in a car one day as I notice that a bee was with me all along. He had slipped in an open window--flying, floating, gliding and travelling with me. The car was speeding at 80kph; the bee was suspended in the air flying with the same speed also. Isn’t it fascinating? Yes of course I was travelling with the same speed of the car that’s because I was seated physically right in it but the bee is suspended in the air flying with the equal speed. How does a bee do that?

Pencils – That ubiquitous graphite thing might be obsolete for most of us techy people but it sure does amaze me still. As an artist, pencils is not just an ordinary tool it hones my talent and is handy whenever inspiration strikes you, just pull it out and doodle your ideas. The thing that fascinates me about pencil is the way it translates ideas into an art. It exactly communicates with people, stream ideas long before a man can utter a word. Ancient caves bore writing on the wall as a means of communication. Wacom Tablet might be the latest gizmo but nothing beats a big black jumbo pencil during those school days.

Now, this is just a dumpy version of my favourite things as Julie Andrews says. I’ll keep you posted till next time.

How about you? What fascinates you?

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