Choosing a Dog That Is Right for You

Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , ,

It seems you like to get a dog to be a part of your life and choosing a dog wisely seems to be the right thing to do at the moment for you. Even owning a dog entails a lot of responsibility. It is not just petting the dog or playing with him. You should be responsible in feeding him and providing him with the right nutrition, giving him the shots at the right time, taking care of him while he is sick, giving him bath as much as it is needed, among many others. Apart from being a responsible owner, the big question you will face is: what kind of dog will be right for you?

First and foremost, you need to bear in mind what you expect from a dog. Do you like a dog to be your exercise partner, for example, in jogging? Or do you want a dog to cuddle and huddle beside you on your bed or just on the sofa? Or do you want a dog for petting, nestle in your arms while standing?

There are different kinds of dogs. There are those breed with so much energy, very ideal as your exercise partner. Take into account also if you have children in your own home. You should get a dog known for high tolerance in children. Although the dog can be taught to be mild and be a family pet, there are dogs really known for their tolerance that children do most of the time. Do not bring home a dog until the children have been taught on how to take care of animals.

Training a puppy takes a lot of time, also in exercising them. The young ones need to be walked many times a day and need to be under a veterinary care also. Constant socializing also needs to be done with a puppy.

If you are planning to get a fully grown adult dog, the dog is no longer very active since he is already fully matured. An advantage of getting this kind of dog is the dog is likely trained already, and knows already the basic commands, and ready to learn more. You must also take into account your type of residence, whether you are an apartment dweller or you live in a mansion.

This may be the right time in choosing a dog especially if you need a companion and the kids in your home is ready to take care of one.

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