A Healthier Pizza?

Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , , ,

A pizza is what I like best. I’ve been craving for it, consciously or subconsciously since last Saturday. I did not mean to include a “pizza” word in the conversation between me and my loving partner. But that’s it. I can’t explain it. Well, might as well talk about it then.

Did you know that one slice of pizza has at least 300 calories? Thus, overeating may be very easy if you have a pizza as your meal or part of your snacks. We don’t think of it as part of our healthy diet since it is high in fat, whether total fat or saturated calories, and even sodium. This is gravely important when preparation of family menus is taken into account, since high fat diets lead to obesity and being overweight.

I read somewhere that when you do order a pizza at a restaurant, please make sure to eat a healthy green salad first and foremost so that you will feel much fuller before pampering yourself into a pizza.

You may make a healthier pizza right in your own home. Here are a few tips in making a healthier pizza.

It is better to reduce the high fat ingredients and add lots of low-calorie, high-fiber veggies.
Use lots of tomato sauce, since it is a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that will help you prevent some chronic disease.
Lessen the cheese, as it contains lots of calories. Use only a light sprinkling of cheese, or it is better if you choose a lower fat type of cheese to avoid more calories.
If possible, use a whole grain crust. There are lots of pre-made whole wheat pizza crusts in the supermarket. Whole grains make you feel full in a longer time and very helpful in our digestive system.
Please avoid greasy processed meats. These are very associated with stomach and colorectal cancer. Choose lean meats like chicken, shrimp, or maybe you can make a delicious vegetarian pizza.
Put plenty of vegetables especially as part of your pizza toppings. They are very nutritious and contain little calories. Some veggie toppings you may choose from are onions, broccoli, olives, spinach, peppers, mushrooms and even sun-dried tomatoes. Just include any of your favorite vegetable and it will be the most perfect choice for your pizza.

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