My brief stint as a guitar instructor

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , , , , , , ,

How many among us live the life we dream? How many among you are already living the way you always wanted to be? For quite sometime, I have somewhat had a chance to come near to my long lost dream. I always wanted to be a musician, playing guitar virtuously in front of a screaming audience, not so much of a singer but I dream I can play that axe with the virtuosity of Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton or Steve Vai.

Well it remains a dream, until recently I had a chance of grabbing again my old classic guitar and play it as I would want it, but this time not in front of audiences but in a series of tutorial session. I was hesitant, of course I don’t have experience before of teaching guitar to a new player but as it goes, I thought to gave it a shot as it can augment financial load.

It turns out to be more of a journey to me than acquiring extra income, my first student, William, if I can call him student at all turns out to be a friend, I don’t know if he regard me as one but the sessions we have sometimes are more than an hour of strumming and finger fretting chords, instead it becomes a session of heart pouring stories and sighs of the life we are living.

Between finding the right place in the frets of the guitar and falling in the right beat on the strings we talked about anything we might have come across that we want to talk to, sometimes it borders into personal matters, past and present, cultures, music, trivia, etc.

I don’t know if I became an effective teacher to him our sessions had come in to stop due to complications in time as I have important matters to attend to at home. It is true that the teacher learns more than his students, in my case it’s more than that, I’m the kind of a person that can be satisfied easily, stints like that made me closer to my old forgotten dream, it’s not exactly as I dreamt it to be but it is as closer as I can get.

William is a great student, patient and kind but the lack of time practicing had a toll on his learning the guitar but as a friend and somebody who hear stories from an old dreamer—he’s great! Sometimes I think that songs and music that comes from the heart are more lyrical and melodically uplifting than coming from the instrument itself.

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