Why did I stop watching the evening news?

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , , , , , , ,

I really can’t recall when I really started being aware of my social surroundings, reading the morning papers and watching the evening news. All of us want to be kept updated as we need the news within our grasp; it gives us somehow a feeling of belonging as we are being updated on what was happening on whom and when. Little that we know that it all affects us, our sanity and our daily function.

Haven’t you noticed how many times an exclamation point appears above your head every time you watch the evening news? Or you are too engrossed on the gory details of your local news that you blindly overlooked what was the effect on you? If there will be a classification or ratings on television I guess news program should not be spared.

Of course we have to be informed on what was going on around us, local news, national news, and world news; they keep us all well informed on what is going on, what is the trend, fashion, crimes, war, weather and so on. But did it occur to you that somehow it goes directly in your nerves that you feel you are no longer safe anymore? News about the nuclear armaments in China, or the resistance of North Korea, and the fall down of Saddam Hussein suddenly makes you verify your bank account passbook, and check all together your door padlock, not mentioning the ever growing terrorism in and out of your country.

It’s not being paranoid, but if you can observe the correlation between local news to national news, the latter is just a mere reflection of the former; whatever is happening nationally is somewhat cast shadow of the local happenings. Cheating, theft, robbery, killings, indifference, human rights violation, slavery, happens from roots to the tips—from your local neighborhood to the global citizenry.

What to do now? For me I had just stop living in the shadow of fear, I must admit watching evening news gives me a shiver, a son killing his own father, a 4 year old raped and beaten to death, election cheating, squatter demolition, bomb blast killing 22 people, tuition fee hike, oil price hike, terrorists behead 14 soldiers, Chinese product contaminated with lead, and so on and so forth. It all goes into your head, into your system, into your nerves without knowing it, suddenly you live in fear, the next time you know (as you try to resist it) you become apathy.

Of course there are also news that are good and what they say worthy of watching, but can you count them in your fingers? If yes, then they are just mere sidelights that are being shown after the weather report or after the celebrity news on which headlines had already gone through your head.

There is no truth in the thinking that being less aware of your surroundings makes apathy in you, in fact you are just sparing yourself of further mental and emotional degradation. The fact is too much bad news can take great effect on your behavior, on how you deal with people around you. Haven’t you noticed how people nowadays distrust other people? Did somebody whom you don’t know suddenly smile upon you as you walk past the alley? If yes, check yourself, most people think when somebody did smile upon them thinks that maybe the smiling fellow have some sinister plan on them and that is a sinister smile. Whew! Whatever happens to good old golden values?

Let us try to think how deep are we in the wallow of fear, apathy and indifference that we tend to forget human nature—which is doing good, but first let us spare ourselves from the disease and degradation of human spirit. Check and break old habits today it’s never too late.

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