One Night of Poetry Reading and Spoken Words for the Benefit of the Typhoon Victims

Posted: Monday, October 12, 2009 by Rom in Labels: , , ,

What is happening today in the Philippines is indescribable and beyond words. Two strong typhoons ravaged and wreck havoc among the people and killed hundreds of Manila residents and its nearby area. By this time you all probably seen on videos and news footages the destruction that Mother Nature brought to hapless victims by way of flood due to continuous rainfall that should have been for a month’s pour comes in merely a day.

Filipinos with the help of fellow Filipinos and the citizens of the world are scampering for ways to help and abate the destruction if not lessen the wound inflicted in the otherwise drowning situation. These trying times once again serves as a litmus paper to test the ability of fellow human being regardless of citizenship to extend help whatever assistance they can give.

In our own little way, as writers, musicians and artists gathered up our voices in a night of solidarity and sympathy and aired our emotions through poetry reading. There is not enough words to contain the anguish and torment the victims had felt during the drowning moment of the typhoon, however, still there remains voice of solidarity and conscience to let the world know that people still cares.

Audiences of the poetry night held last October 6, 2009 at Conspiracy Garden Bar were asked to bring relief goods and other donations for the affected residents of the typhoon Ondoy.

In a melancholic air of spoken words and poetry all huddle up trying to keep the cold chilling breeze left by the killer typhoon. The night was a night of stone-cold eerie evening like no other night washed away by fiery words of smoke-filled darkness. Keeping in mind that anything might happen sooner or later within the gusting wind where no place is a safe place.

This might serves as a painful reminder of the destruction of environment. No one thinks and no one utters a direct blame yet all are guilty of the degradation of the environment. If a small act of selfishness had snow-balled into a humungous destruction, maybe, just maybe a small act such as this unselfish poetry night for the victims of the typhoon Ondoy can morph into enormous salvation of what was left there to save.

Our act as writer, musicians and artists might not fathom the intensity of the situation and might not actually contribute to the healing of the wound inflicted but being artists we cannot just shut out eyes and muffle our voice nor cover our ears in the middle of the woes and cries of the victims.

This is something beyond our emotion can handle and helping out in any which way we can could makes us feel human again. Thanks to the people of Km64 and the fellow writers at as well as the owners of Conspiracy Garden Bar who makes this night possible.

Watch the video footage of the poetry night, here and here.