Borders UK - The Intelligent Alternative

Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2009 by Rom in Labels: , , ,

Book lovers around the world will find borders UK an exhilarating venue where they can find lots of awesome books for the taking. They have the latest and the greatest collection of books, text books, audio books, books about travelguides, magazine subscriptions, music, and gift cards as well as DVD collection of rare and classic films through time.

Ordering is a breeze as they don’t charge shipping fee on all orders above £15, which is good news to those who find their shopping basket full of books—as the site offers vast amount of titles from fiction to non-fiction paperbacks.

I have come across their book of the month titled Darwin’s Island by Steve Jones, another witty and illuminating book about the man and his works that until now pose controversy among the believers and the students alike. Border UK also have in it’s shelve a book version of Slum dog millionaire, the award winning movie now on book. Check out their
borders jan 2009 collection and book of the month and their reviews of best selling paperbacks for details.

In this world of technological advances, where book reading are substituted by numerous innovation in life such as the internet and the movies—flipping papers through book reading remains steady in its quest for giving off entertaining and intelligent options for the people around the globe. And this pursuit to bring back the intelligent habit of book reading to the public is one of the noble deeds Border UK carry on its shoulders.