Cheap Flat TV at home

Posted: Thursday, April 23, 2009 by Rom in

Few people know this, but recently i was quite astounded to the fact that you can have a flat TV (22 inches) in half the price of the real top of the line electronic brand in the market today.
If you are familiar with CD-R-King, dubbed as the cheapest shop for all your computer needs (well, not really all) they have those stand alone router look-a-like they called TV box. Cheaply-priced at around 2,000 plus pesos.
The TV box has many features in it. A Taiwan manufactured tuner that has an outlet for your TV antenna or cable connection, plug-in for stereo, PS2 connector, VGA outlet to connect to a monitor and a remote control.
All you have to do is to connect it to your computer monitor, if you have a flat LCD monitor, the better, however if you don’t want to use your computer monitor—you can buy one for 4,000 pesos to 10,000 depending on your budget.

The installation and set-up is easy, and you can save as much as half the price of those expensive flat TVs with the same dimension as your LCD monitor, and same resolution too.
Plugging in a sub-woofer speaker is optional especially if you have those monitors with invisible speakers or built-in speaker on it, but the heck it is enjoyable to watch in a dome sounding speaker!
This is not a paid adverts of any electronic brand, i thought i might share a thing or two about some cheap innovations in electronic fad nowadays especially when the economic downturn had it to most of us. Well, it’s not going to fill in an empty stomach, however the savings incurred is worth mentioning.