Spammers and their Greedy recipients

Posted: Thursday, November 08, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , ,

My inbox are getting full, a lot of messages are pouring in, not of great importance though but full of spam messages. Until now I can’t get over these people who are trying to scam other people with such mindless tactics.

I’m sure you have your own share too of these low filthy scheme emails from Nigeria, London etc where stated in the letter that he/she was a son/daughter of a certain diplomat or government official who her/his parents died of a plane crash or some sort of accident that he/she needs to get the inheritance but he/she needs your help to get it.

It’s strange that the letter always starts with “dear friend.” Those fucking spammers don’t even address you properly enough for you to fall on the trap, but apparently there are people who fell on this scheme. The spammers even offer a huge amount of money mostly millions of dollars to be transferred into your account and making you the caretaker of his/her money for the time being until it gets processed and smoothly transferred into his/her account, in return you will get a 10% commission on its amount. Imagine how huge that would be, and if greed sips into your system, you would think of running away with the money, anyway there’s no way he/she can get hold and track of you.

Real greed: that is where these spammers capitalize in order to succeed in their scam. When people starts to be greedy and think of a more advantageous leverage to be an instant millionaire, that’s when “greed meets greed” system happen. From what I’ve understand these evil spammers request that you deposit first some bond in their bank before you can go on the transaction process, some sort of “security” in their part.

Other schemes are in the form of a lottery, an email reached you informing you that you have just won a raffle or a lottery amounting to millions, they even provide you with transaction number or some sort of serial/reference number, they even using Yahoo name or Google name to make sure they are authentic enough to the eyes of the “greedy” uninitiated mind. But you will notice the disclaimer at the end of the letter that says not to disclose the information to anyone.

One thing for sure, if you are greed enough to fall for their promise of millions of dollars in your bank account or if you’re moron enough to believe that you have just won millions in lottery without even remembering joining one, then you deserve to be scammed.

Big amount of money just don’t fall into your lap, you have to work hard for it, strive, and sweat your butt out in order to earn decent living, and thereby saving for your retirement, I’m still stupefied by those people who fall victim to those scams, indeed greed begets greed

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