What does it mean by being faithful between a husband and wife? Is it just physically? Or does an array of emotional aspect go with it? Men often believe that they are still faithful and true to their promises judging that they have not done anything physical with the other party outside of their present relationship. But women believe so otherwise.

There is such a thing as being emotionally involved with a person. And others say that men are by nature polygamous, even not in the physical sense of the word. I don’t know, it seems, men cannot stop themselves from flirting with ladies, whether they are already committed and married already. Does it mean that they are not happy with their present relationship? Maybe so. Otherwise men will not look at other women and flirt with them even the slightest hint of it, knowing that they will hurt their present partners.

Flirting is just the start of a forbidden relationship, and may be the root of marital problems; I know you will disagree about my opinion. If a man flirts with a woman, and in turn the woman reciprocates flirting with the man (even if the woman is already committed), there seems to be trouble in there, something’s not in the proper order. The woman, in that case, may also not be happy with her present relationship, or basically she is just so bored with her relationship. No more spice, so to speak. And that would be called seeking another’s nest to fly upon.

Whatever the case maybe, whoever turns on the other side of the fence, relationship, if not being properly nurtured and taken care of mutually will doom to be just another brick on the road; every one treads on a long lost, lonely journey of this so called life.

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  1. nel says:

    haha! nice comment from a friend that you can get better relationship through FENG SHUI...
    kaya nga minsan na lang ako magparamdam my friend coz i don't want you to think im flirting with you!! hehe a big JOKE !