Please join the whole Filipino nation in mourning and sorrow with those who perished in the recent Glorietta2 bombing. Let’s have a minute of silence in our hearts to remember our fellow Filipinos who died in the recent senseless act of terrorism.

We light a candle in our heart in hoping to shed illumination and bring justice to the families of those innocent victims who died of bombings and other act of cowardice all over the world. We join the world in prayer and vigilance to put an end into senseless carnage happening in every corner of the world.

Let’s make a promise to unite one another irregardless of race and nationality to bring peace and justice in our own way and capacity, in hoping one day that the world will be safe again from the clutches of fear and uncertainty.

Spread along this candle of hope; copy this post and place it in your blog as a sign of protest, unity and sympathy among the victims.

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