Violence and the stupid hypocrites

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I can’t seem to get it. People who professed to be of know-it-all and those who have “genuine” concerns on the welfare of our children are all over the news and the World Wide Web flashing their cause oriented ideologues about the violence proliferating in our world. From a point of view of an observing amateur mind, people like this tend to over react—of course there is nothing wrong with having a genuine concern over the psychological well being of the present generations and the culture of violence among the youth, what I’m trying to understand is the way they say the things as they strut their antics around the civilized world.

Violence is inevitable it has been a part of human life since time immemorial, the bible speaks of battle in large proportion, slaughtering of innocents, women and children, the conquer of empire and kingdoms, the bloodshed of the innocents that poured in pursuit of almost endless cause for justice or otherwise is appalling. World history takes shape not without the shadow of violence from the battle that rages through the human course of existence.

Present days are also cluttered with bloodshed, terrorist bombing, ethnic wars, invasion and even a simple quarrel among gangs. The world is indeed a bloody arena of different battles and struggles trying to satisfy human hunger for blood and quest for freedom. So why the hell these self proclaimed moralist of the societies talk nineteen to the dozen about the violence in boxing, video games and movies?

I’m not trying to glorify violence, of course no one in sane mind would ever want that, we always want a safe place to dwell into and have a sound sleep whenever we try to shut our eyes at night for a good rest, only to wake up in the morning and be able to go to work, provide a good life for our loved ones, but while we do that in some part of the world there lies hunger, famine, wars, and summary killings—violence so huge, appalling and overwhelming that we cannot seem to imagine how our brain freezes over it, and because it seems were so helpless over the face of such violence we bite our lips and turn our back on it and instead bend into picking little issues in hoping that it is somehow may rub our back and soothe our conscience.

Little that we know that we are becoming hypocrites by trying to sound morale and noble in plucking out little issues such as violence in boxing and other related sports, video games and movies. In other related issues, religious sectors are focusing their campaign on the back masking of the rock music CDs claiming that it is of the devil and promotes violence among the youth. Morons. These stupid pastors who think Satan lives among the CDs and reveals a secret message when back masked is making a humongous fool out of themselves. They are trying to seek Satan among those plastic vinyl when in fact the devil in obviously present in the white house taking commands of every world opinions and war matters, dictating the oil trends and invading every nation that may oppose to their interest in the name of democracy—a face of the devil no one dares to recognize. Or are they just too blind to see?

let’s not settle on trivial matters, movies alright depicts graphical violence as well as videos and boxing, but the content and the effect of such violence are immaterial and doesn’t have huge surmountable amount over the violence and the face to face rip off done by those political leaders smiling at us in every press conference and TV appearance there is. Real violence dwells among the policies and moratoriums, laws and decrees sanctioned by those powerful governments that dictate the fate of any small and developing nation at their mercy.

The multi billion dollar arms deal that makes them rich and render a child orphan is the real violence of this world, the hunger and famine brought about by those amassing 80% of the world’s wealth is the genuine violence, the war mongering among opposing religious beliefs and the endless embargo and economic sanctions that cripples small self sustaining nations are all factual violence in this world most of us failed (?) to notice.

Oh yeah, I go around killing people because I had watched Jason of Friday the thirteen or Freddie Kruger of Nightmare on Elm Street—that’s the most stupid thing to think about these self-proclaimed “moralist” of the society trying to shove on our throat, why can’t they try to assuage their thinking a little more higher then the usual, so that they can see things a little bit different no one knows violence other than those people who have experienced living with it, so cut the bullshit address the real issue, quit barking at the wrong tree.

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