We are a culture of drug dependent freaks!

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many suicide cases nowadays especially among the youth? Statistics of suicide a decade ago are significantly lower compared today. People are growing apathy, and the lack of concern buries the issue of teenage suicide as just another hormonal imbalance among the present generations.

I am not a psychiatrist who tries to diagnose mental and social illness here; it’s just an observation from the point of view of a father who has teenage kids in this trying world.

Every one of us during the course of our lives experienced sadness. Soulful sadness that is so deep that you can even feel the hole in your chest as the wind passes through it. There is no one in this world that can safely say that he didn’t experience any sadness or the feeling of depression once in his life. But what’s alarming is the growing majority of the world’s population is depressed, it is evident among the proliferation of drugs that apparently “cure” the loneliness within which may eventually leads to suicide.

The number of drugs that carry a psychotropic effect among the patients especially the youths have been doubled for the last decade and along with it are the side effects these mind-altering drugs carries. It has a devastating effect that clearly manifests among the population.

Little that we know the real reason why we, and the rest of the populace grips in misery. We hurriedly jumped and rush to the doctor’s clinic as soon as we feel something is bothering us mentally.

Did you ever feel like being sad for no reason at all? Sulk and sat inside your room and didn’t come out for the whole day? That’s perfectly normal, sadness is the opposite of happiness, our world is made up of two sides—the hot and cold, the up and down, Black and white, lightness and darkness, yin and yan and so on. The trouble is we did not or too afraid to recognize these feelings and the cause of it.

The moment we feel sad, instead of assessing our lives, we hurriedly open up a bottle of pill and pop before we could breathe a sigh.

We always try to eradicate negative emotions that befall on us, not knowing that it plays a major role in our existence and experiencing such down emotions makes us appreciate the opposite of it--happiness.

It is human nature to experience all the emotions through our lives and depriving yourself with it is denying that you are human. To be sad and happy is natural, even nature has rain and sunshine, just recently though we are experiencing erratic nature activities brought about by the global warming—a phenomenon made by humans , as much as we are experiencing erratic human behavior which is incidentally brought also by humans.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with the human brain per se, it is functioning the way it is supposed to, like the way we have droopy eyes when we are sleepy, feel hungry when we feel the urge to eat, love when we like somebody, and so on. Our brain feels sad or happy the way it should according to the circumstances that surrounds us.

By this what I’m trying to point out is we should seek “cure” to the circumstances that surrounds us, not our brains reaction to it. The reasons behind the sadness should be addressed not the effect of it. It is sad though that there is no known pill to cure the “cancer” that swallows up the world around us.

In diversion, modern day people live beyond their means, hopping from one relationship to another, having four or more marriages at the age of 30, leaving their kids to fend for themselves while racking up thousands of debt for a night of pleasure and then rotting their butt off for overtime works and double (sometimes triple) jobs.

We can’t even let our children be children, we easily have them diagnosed as ADHD, when in fact they are only being what they are, fidgeting, not wanting to sit still, being hyper. We subject them to drugs thinking it would cure them without giving considerations to other potential factors such as home life, diet or environmental toxins.

And what do their kids becoming into? Those undersized bodies in an over sized shirt trying to imitate gangsta fashion and attitude, acting like a niggah rapper in a ghetto hoping somewhere, someday they would appear in a reality TV show that would render fame and fortune to them.

The culture of shortcuts and instant remedy grips us like an unknown dreaded virus, we seek instant remedy to all our problems that if we could only learn how, where, and what causes it may solve the problem.

It maybe a Utopian dream, but I think the world around us who are in need of real "medication" and immediate help not our brain, and those who suffer from depression, are just merely reacting to the outside stimulus.

If you feel sad today, check your life, instead of going to the doctor take time to reflect and breathe easy, maybe there’s something wrong with your lifestyle that pushes you into depression and buries you deep into misery—pop a pill of consciousness three times a day for a lifetime.

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