The I, Me, Mine Syndrome among Us

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , ,

Last Sunday, all six of us in the family attended our youngest daughter’s school family day, so before dawn breaks we are already awake and the kids we’re so enthusiastic and excited for the event of the day.

The school was located in the heart of the busiest part of the city, being the business district capital of the country. As expected, the whole school is packed with children and their families, not only moms and dads but the entire family as well. The school organized such event in order to strengthen the ties between each family by way of activities such as this. On this part the school did very well and I must say the preparation were quite impressive.

Looking around and observing you can see all the stature of each and every family by the way they dress-up, behind those costumes (the school requires a thematic costume for that occasion) were people who speak their distinction in life, the way they stand, the way they laugh and how they carry themselves. And you can expect the same behavior of those parents through their kids.

Nothing wrong with that, I say they act according to their script. After the fun games and little surprises, off we go to eat, the service was buffet so we lined up for lunch, as we got our share we sat and ate to our content...

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