Voice over the Internet Protocol

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So you think you are all well with that cell phone in your hand? Modern technology nowadays had a knack of turning your present gadget into oblivion in a blink of an eye, the trend today maybe the past tomorrow that’s how fast technological changes these days.

You don’t have to join the race I guess, the wise thing to do is to pick up only what you think will fit your lifestyle and those who will benefit your business and present needs. But one thing most people can’t live without today is communication and the telephone (be it analog or cell phone) plays a major role in it. Thus came the dawn of VoIP or Voice over the Internet Protocol.

VoIP is a technology that allows you to make voice calls with the help of broadband Internet connection instead of your regular analog phone line. VoIP gives you the luxury of calling other people’s telephone in local or long distance range, be it mobile or international numbers. All you need is a computer with a broadband connection and you can connect to the world. Also VoIP services provides special adapters that you can install to your analog or regular phone and use it as VoIP phone, they also provide a VoIP phone if you want to avail it.

How it works? Well, VoIP converts your voice into a digital signal and travels through the internet, and when you call a regular analog phone the signal will then be converted into a regular analog signal before the telephone on the other side rings, sounds techy right? VoIP allows you to make calls directly from the computer, and if you happen to be in “hot spot” areas say like airports, cafes, parks where wireless connection is readily available, you can connect to the internet and enable you to use VoIP service wirelessly.

The good thing about this new technology is that some of VoIP providers offer their services for free, and you are only a download away from acquiring one. The provider will also offer you to choose areas and area codes where you will have your calls frequently, aside from the area on which you live.

Technology may be on its high point right now but we should always remember that technology is here to serve humans and not the other way around. Good old communication brings people near, it helps bridge the gap in spite of distances and it is there that we should make better use of technology, in my opinion, a regular analog set of phone is much important than a high-tech weaponry gadget isn’t it?

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