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I have been in India for nearly a year, the place is culture rich, and as it is a conglomeration of different ethnicity and heritage. The weather condition is tropical much like home, but as you walk along the roads you will notice locals staring at you, and this can be quite annoying, local there tend to scrutinize people whom they perceive as different nationalities, and measure you by their stare.

Shil Paramam in Hyderabad is a great place to hang out in the lazy afternoon and early evening, it’s like a bazaar, where you can stroll around and have a tattoo. Yes, tattoo! Near the entrance, at the gate, there are about four or five women dressed in black outfit, (I guess they are Muslim women wearing their traditional clothes) with veils and all, they have this picture enclosed in a folder that acts as a catalogue where you can choose designs, or a pattern of design for that matter and they will readily paint it on your skin for a fee.

We are curious of course, the designs were magnificent, intricate, detailed, and rare, they are using henna ink and the design can lasts up to 15days on your skin. We approached them as we want to inquire how much and to see what designs are good. We are a bit surprise that they refuse to entertain us, later that we know, as we tried hard to make a conversation and understand the reason that only ladies are allowed a tattoo in their custom, and a tattoo is like an accessories women use on special occasions particularly on weddings.

Of course we insist, after all we are not Indians and I guess we are not bound by their traditions. A 200rps worth of tattoo can cover up the skin of your two hands, the designs are mostly based on the flora and faunas of Indian traditions, intricately done and in a matter of a 20 minute or so you can have your way drying up those hands in the air.

The result? Wonderful, we had a good time comparing tattoos, and most of it all we buy those do-it-yourself tattoo kits they sell, as we had drinking session later that evening and take turns embedding tattoo on each other’s skin.

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