The Importance of the Body Language to Your Success

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 by Teena in Labels: , , , ,

Study shows that when you understand the body language better, you will be far more successful in leading and getting what you want in whatever kind of situation. You will easily convince other people to believe in you and you will create such a good impression on other people.

You may wonder why bother to give some extra time in your schedule to master the body language. The underlying principles are itemized as follows.

Better relationships stem from better communication. The knowledge of the body language will help you read and understand the attitudes and sentiments of others that you interact with either at work or at home. Increased awareness and productivity in every endeavor that you will do is the result of this increase in close relationship with those that you interact with.

Others will also understand you better as you will be able to transmit messages clearly and effectively as intended. Be aware of the messages transmitted in a nonverbal way. You may either increase tension or decrease some trust by projecting such negative body language. These so-called “bad vibes” may be devastating to your present relationships and future connections as well.

Unconscious actions cannot lie. The body language provides a window into the real intention of a person. Through body language, people show their conscious and subconscious desires, attitudes and emotions. By intuition, we can often see whether someone is telling a lie, or angry, or happy or upset or scared. Moreover, we meet people whom we cannot seem to get through the person. The mastery of the body language will provide some tools to help recognize the movements or body parts to concentrate on in checking the credibility of others. You may also learn how to make use of the body language to convey credibility, trust and honesty to the people you encounter in your everyday life.

Mastery of the language may be done. The understanding of the body language is not connected with the ability to take tests or the grades that a person makes in school. Practice makes perfect according to studies. People who took tests for the comprehension of the body language generally score much higher on the next tests than on the first tries.

I think you have no excuse now of not understanding the body language after all the reasons has been laid out. You may start in committing one hour a week to read, study and analyzing about the body language that you and your friends always encounter. After so many months, best results are guaranteed in having your body language produce such finest results.