The resurgence of Comic Book industry in the Philippines

Posted: Monday, October 06, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , ,

This is good news to the entire Comic Book artist here in the Philippines, as the Animation industry suffers a lull in the presence of job outsourcing to India and China.  The Philippines is densely populated with artists and not just ordinary artists but with an excellent calibre one that can compete internationally.  Many of them can be found employed by the leading proponents in the entertainment industry such as Disney, Fox Studios, Pixar and Marvel Comics.

The Comic Book industry in the Philippines suffered a “coma” in the past where publications stopped running and printing due to loss of followers.  It failed to evolve into something far-reaching.  They failed to anticipate and develop side by side with the current trend and the market.  I have seen and known a lot of Comics Illustrator who lost their job and had gone into “oddities” far from their art. Most of them are being considered “over age” to be employed for a nine to five job, but a handful makes it to the international scene with the help of some comic book institution like Whilce Portacio of the X-men fame.

With the resurging spirit going on in the comic book industry, we can safely say that the artists of this land will rise again into something exciting. Especially with the modern technology, things will be different-- like a Phoenix who will rise from the ashes its wing would fly across the world.


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