My First Experience with PayPerPost

Posted: Thursday, May 01, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , ,

Every blogger wants to be read and subscribed on—I mean who wants to write and write with no one reading what you have written? As every performer longs for applause from the audience, a blogger finds solace, consolation and comfort if he knows someone is reading his article. Another comfort every blogger find is being able to monetize his site.

PayPerPost adds another consolation for every blogger treading the blogosphere. They will pay every blogger for every review posted on his site. Different amounts depend on the blog rank on Alexa and Google. PayPerPost actually takes care of their blogger members, not just because they benefit from them. I happen to like most their tips on how to improve your ranking on Alexa and Google. Doing so would mean your blog popularity and additional subscription thus entail a much higher revenue in posting reviews.

Support such as this from PayPerPost and other affiliates makes blogging more dynamic and alive. Homebased workers benefit greatly as a part time earner finds it can augment their day job income. Advertisers on the other hand are reaching the inner core of their target audience as blogging are grounded on the grass roots level: ads are being exposed to more consumers.

With PayPerPost around, the future of blogging are being ensured. Personally the first time I posted article on my blog, I never thought that I would make money doing so—Okay, it’s not big money but at least it's decent money coming from my own effort. The only thing is I would never sacrifice my blog content in exchange for a more paid posting—it is my unpaid post after all that makes me qualify to get a paid post.

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