Lesson 1 on Drawing using the Right Brain

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Before I start out the first lesson on this series of drawing tutorial, I thought it may be important for the student to take note that there are two major modes of thinking: the L-mode and the R-mode of the human brain. Without sounding too scientific these two partitions of the brain, literally divided into left brain and right brain and has its own functionalities and skills.

The left being the analytical one, the logical and language base thinker while the right mode is the visual, spatial and the relational thinker.

The most important part of the brain in order to perceive creativity is to let right brain to function on its own without the interference of the left brain. For a newbie in drawing the left brain may actually reacts in an instant a new student holds a pencil and a paper, the reaction would be based on the logical fact that the student has no experience in art thus the fear and the hesitation persists, while on the other hand the right brain which is the non-verbal part easily accepts the task as a challenge and readily visualizes the concept within.

Moreover, in various life activities of daily living both major parts of the brain modes can work hand in hand and with cooperation dealing with the same task and information, with each one holding its own task. The analogy would be in sewing, the other one will hold the needle and the other one will hold the cloth. In basketball the leg carries the player to the right corner and the other aim and shoot and in music one reads the note and keeps pace and the beat while the other plays the melody, tone and expression. Apparently in our daily lives we don’t give a damn what part of our brain hemisphere is performing who’s task.

By putting the two hemisphere in a simple but concrete manner is defining human consciousness in this: Left is intellect while right is emotion, left is logical while right is metaphor, other terms are abound such as Yin and Yang, rational and poetic, abstract and concrete, scientific and imaginative.

But in arts, drawing in particular we need the right brain to lead the job, the left must take a backseat for a while the right jumps and swim to the sea of imagination and creativity without the left being so cautionary prohibiting the right of the dangers of water.

First Activity
Our first activity would be to test your state of mind. You have first to experiment by drawing. Take a clean sheet of paper, a simple bond paper would be nice and a pencil of your choice, and have an eraser handy.

Instruction #1- Draw a picture of a person, whether it is full body, half body, head only or face only, it doesn’t matter. You might want somebody to pose for you if you like, or maybe you can just stand in front of the mirror and draw yourself, either ways would be acceptable.

Instruction#2 – Draw a picture of your own hand, if you are left handed—draw the right and if you are right handed—draw the left. Choose any position that is comfortable and easy for you to draw.

Instruction#3 – Draw a picture of an object, anything that can be found in your room, or just around the house, books, shoes, tables, chairs etc. whatever you choose.After the drawings, flip over the paper and write at the back your impression of the drawings you have just made and don’t forget the important part—put the time and date.

The reason
Since this is just the starting point of the lesson, you might as well want to record your prevailing state of mind during the time you first push that pencil into the paper with the instruction coming from the lesson. The reaction varies, and it is there that evidently has the trace of struggle between the right brain and the left brain; hesitation by the left and the pursuant of the right might be present.

After a series of lessons we can also look back to the improvements of your artistic endeavor whether what areas to improve and what to maintain (that’s the reason of the date at the back)

Next lesson is line drawings and the emotions along with it.

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