Are Filipinos Agoraphobic? Take a look behind their walls.

Posted: Sunday, April 13, 2008 by Rom in Labels: , , , , ,

Looking around and observing people around nowadays will definitely give you a simple yet alarming supposition: Anxiety disorder. With the present world condition and local disarray Filipinos literally having a hard time sleeping at night and sleeps hollow if ever they got to close their eyes. The shortage in the supply of rice and the increase in an almost daily basis of fuel make anyone restless and sick—who wouldn’t be?

Observe how Filipinos today make up their homes. Metal grills surround every nook and cranny of every household, every inch of doors and windows are bounded with thick grills that could be easily mistaken for a prison house. Guard dogs roam the inner part of the yard. If ever you get pass a concrete fence you will easily notice the how ghastly those broken bottles and glass mounted and cemented atop the fence—making sure nobody would dare climb the wall no matter how short it is.

Ornamental plants are not for decorative purpose alone; plants with thick thorns and sturdy pointed leaves are sure to be placed in front of the house near the fence to discourage robbers and intruders to come near it. The ugly sight of barbed wires is not for military camps alone; they are a common household security material nowadays. It is as if the home owner hired a silent PR agency in the Philippines that frantically warns neighbors of the impending danger might befall on those who will think of getting near their fortress. Never mind the burglar alarm and the state of the art security measures—there is no safe home for those people with panic attacks.

The world is getting Agoraphobic, people are getting jumpy at the sight of the shadow in the dark, fears lurks everywhere—as a cocked gun readily aims at the door of constant danger people less and less trust one another. Who’s to blame? If watching the late night news makes you shiver to the bone and keeps you awake at night—then you might be suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

That I think makes the majority of the population of the world gripped in apathy, indifference and a mad case of callousness. As we sleep comfortably numb behind the thick tall walls of our fortress, there will always be people who will try to rob us, and willing to kill and die for crumbs under our table unless the government address the real issue behind it—POVERTY.

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