A heavenly (cookie) Bliss!

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In the advent of so many developments in electronic world--tools, gadgets and technology, little has been left for people to do manually. Cell phones and PDAs are among them. Never has communication been this good and easy, household chores can be a breeze with the help of electronic gadgets. Microwave ovens with computers is one of the common appliance we normally find in every home, an ingenious way to help ease the living in this fast paced city life.

But electronic appliances and gadgetry can never replace a good baking and cooking; it can only enhance and help develop a good recipe into a mass production that is intended for a good business. Take for example gourmet cookies. This heavenly food always brings back memories of the time our mother used to bake for us. The smell, taste and the feeling of exhilaration whenever we taste the epicurean flavor right in the comfort of our home are just unimaginable.

The evolving commerce of the modern day paves way to the birth of innovations among gourmet cookies, which by the way opens a rather welcome development to some cookie lover like me. One of such innovations is the cookie delivery service. The convenient of ordering your favorite cookie via internet or by phone is quite an awesome growth. Another is the mail order cookies—sending cookies to somebody you love is surprising, if you ask me, as I would love receiving surprises by parcel.

Computer gadgets and technology might amaze our sense of sight and hearing but that was just a part of our satisfied senses; the other half can be equally satisfied with a hefty meal and a palatable glorious experience that is cookie madness. I love cookies, don’t you?

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