Fear lurks in every button of my keyboard

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Fear enslaved us

Fear is a feeling of distress; no one escapes its grief and agony. It is the emotion that most of us don’t want to be caught into, but unfortunately it is a fact in these modern day and age. Fear grips almost everybody, fear lurks in every corner of the street, even in the most “safest” part of our home, even in my keyboard.

The movie “panic room” after the 9/11 attack talks about an average people’s dilemma on the present world condition, where fear grips everybody. But fear seize mostly those people who have a lot to lose. People who have wealth and reputation they can’t afford to leave immediately—spending almost their lifetime building fortune and fame is a pursuit they just can’t imagine leaving in a blink of an eye. But the truth remains: everything will vanish in an instant, nothing is permanent in this world—here today gone tomorrow.

Fear also is the weapon of the oppressors, Government instill fear among the citizenry to uphold the law and in the other hand terrorists uses fear to disobey orders and law, such views found at both ends of the world who uses the same technique of manipulation for the same purposes.

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