When you have done something good to somebody, ask him to pay for it!

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Yeah I’m not kidding, do something good, help somebody today, maybe in the office helping someone to accomplish or solve clerical work, computations etc. or a friend who really in need might want a helping hand, or maybe your kids might need some help from your expertise for their school works, go on help them, help all of them but don’t forget one thing: make them pay for it!

Does that sound too materialistic?

I was being appalled by the recent stories circulating around the web world nowadays, scams left and right proliferates the entire internet world, from spamming to pyramiding to phising, sometimes you will be lost in words as to which scams to label an action. Human geniuses are being used to its full extent just to rob somebody some place. But what if we can turn it the other way around? I know it’s not my original concept but the idea always struck me whenever I see and hear rip-off all over the world.

Here’s how to earn from it

It is human nature to do good things. A mother hen will always protect their little chicks from a predator who might want her siblings for dinner, her effort be it small as it may seems is to protect at all cost those little chickens that she have there, and defend them even if it cost her life. That’s a hen I’m talking about she has something “good” in her inner self that is already there—embedded. How about humans? Of course we have “something good” in us all we have to do is tap it and put it forward to earn.

What I mean by “earn” is not to acquire financial gain, no it’s not what you think it is. Do something good to somebody; let’s say on a once a month basis. After you have helped somebody, ask him/her to pay for it. But not by money or any other material benefits, all you will ask for payment is for him/her to do good things also to somebody else in return or payment of those good things you have done to him/her. That’s pyramiding scheme isn’t it?

Make sure he/she will report to you the status in a month’s time whether he/she had helped somebody in return. Your “down line” in a matter of say, half a year will increase dramatically the one soul that you have helped will generate into a pool of helping hands that also asking people to “pay back” those good things with equally good deeds that they have done. I know it may sound like a dream a utopian dream, but what are we going to lose? There’s no money involved in here anyway.

You will be rich in no time at all!

Imagine how the goodness will spread like wildfire, if you have helped one person, and that one person will reciprocate that good deed into another person in the condition that the “down line” will also help another as payment for the good things that is done into him, them maybe you don’t need to be mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi, or some other famous Philanthropist to help a lot of people. You will be rich (in good deeds) in no time at all “checks” will come at your doorsteps in the form of reports (maybe an email is convenient) from those people that you have helped.

Your dreams fulfilled

I always dreamt of having a good life, where there is a financial freedom, a big house of my own, money in the bank, a car, travel and vacation whenever, wherever I may want…all of those material things. But have we ever thought of investing on our soul? Investing in doing good things is the highest form of seeking happiness, it is the ultimate high in life, noticed how people gave smile whenever you have a chance to help them? And have you noticed the way it feels inside you whenever you have helped somebody?

Invest right now, you don’t need money, you don’t need stocks, just keep all your wealth in the bank but be generous in lending a helping hand, and while you do that don’t forget to open a account where you will deposit all your good deeds for later spending in heaven.

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