Pacquiao vs. Barrera Fight can spawn world peace!

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Only in the Philippines can a fight reunites a nation, and people in disagreement become close allies in one voice and share the same point of view, guns were silent, as rebels huddle around their battery-powered radios to listen to the blow by blow account of the fight--on that same day busy streets miraculously free of traffic, crime rate freezes, virtually everyone stays at home and enjoys watching TV with their families as if trying to avoid the streets during that holy hour.

That’s the Philippine scene every time Manny Pacquiao had a fight, Filipinos all over the world celebrates in unison too as the nation holds it’s breath with every blow of hits and misses, punch and counter punch, round after round of an exciting fight.

I am always amazed by how people react and take things with regards to boxing, the Filipinos in particular; the culture of boxing surpasses demographic boundaries and outstrips economic stature, well at least here in hometown.

Is it maybe how boxing represents human anguish and triumph? Anguish and triumph are the two extreme emotion every human being felt one way or the other in varying degree in their life, irregardless of race and nationality, it is the two sentiment situated both on the other side of the equilibrium that the former cannot exist without the latter—-the Yin and Yan of the human life.

The Manny Pacquiao vs. Marco Antonio Barrera fight had a whole new meaning in every spectator’s eyes as I observe it people who had so much struggle in life, the ups and down of daily living the wound and scar of life’s scuffle all are represented with every blow, straight, hook and uppercut of whichever side you’re on.

But what if the whole world is a boxing arena? Meaning all disputes is being settled by boxing gloves in a ring of a bell?...

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