Unemployment Blues in a Third World Scenario

Posted: Saturday, September 29, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , , , ,

If you’re an average guy living in this part of the world (Philippines), and had already graduated from college chances are—you’re unemployed!

That’s the hard fucking truth slapped in the face of the society today. Youth in all their energy and glory are faced with hard facts regarding unemployment and the tough life.

Browse over the classified ads of the local papers today and much to your disappointment you will end up wasting those little money you have buying those goddamn ad papers. This world is so fucking mad that descriminate you like sorting out m&m chocolates from peanuts. If you don’t have Ateneo or La Salle University badge nailed in your forehead while applying for a job chances are you will be kicked out of the human resource department door as fast as you can utter a word.

I have been working for about a decade in an animation industry after it was being hit by a goddamn virus called bankruptcy. All broke and nowhere to go I decided to apply for a different position apart from my previous job, I tell you the experience was so humiliating, degrading, crushing, shameful, mortifying or what else you got there in your thesaurus to explain and quantify my fucking feeling during that time. It was a feeling of shame of no Richter scale can measure...

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Rom! I tried to e-mail you with the e-mail address you gave but it failed to reach you. I linked you already in my blog. Please do link me here too if you won't mind. You're right about your post. It's so hard to get a job in the Phils. A lot of degree holders can't find a job there and it's really disheartening. I just hope this problem will be resolved by our leaders there.