The most stupid things stupid people do

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by Rom in Labels: , , ,

A lot of stupid things plague this present world that if you try to analyze it you will have a hard time sleeping at night and may cause amnesia and you may eventually commit suicide. I’m not kidding; our sense can only take so much of the stupidity that this world offers, and if our intellect endures so much insult from it--just like our physical body, our brain suddenly will suffer from different symptoms and in due course may acquire disease--one of those dreaded ones are APATHY and INDIFFERENCE.

For thousands of years people in different races lived their lives in the shadows of traditions and beliefs, most often backed by the religious fanaticism, and/or superstitious beliefs, I’m going to tackle beliefs not by those of sect and charlatans and of those extremists and fanatics, but just those common people’s thinking and principle where lays the foundation of everyday living...
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